Last update: 12/29/2017

My name is Katsuya Tanaka. I am professor in Research Center for Sustainability and Environment at Shiga University, Japan.

My research field is environmental and natural resource economics.

Specifically, I am interested in the following fields:

  • Interactions between land use and water quality
  • Designing payment for ecosystem services
  • The effects of social capital and its spillover on regional development and ecosystem conservation
  • Developing biophysical watershed models for watershed management policies
  • Empirical analyses for animal welfare

Click here for my profile at ReaD Researchmap.


EAAERE 2016 Congress (Aug. 7-10, Fukuoka, Japan)

The East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (EAAERE) will hold its Annual Conference on August 7-10, 2016 at Faculty of Economics, Kyushu Sangyo University in Fukuoka, Japan.

This year the congress invites Professor Charles Perrings at Arizona State University. The title of his keynote speech will be “Conservation in the Green Economy.”

Here is the link to the Congress website.